Climate change – why bother …?

The EU set new limits for the second phase of its carbon trading scheme today. The allowances set are to an average of 7% below the figures proposed by member states – which is a welcome strengthening of the commitment to cut carbon emissions. James Cameron suggested that today’s decision could be “one the most […]

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Autumn is my favourite season. There are a number of reasons for this, but a lot has to do with its beauty – I just love the colours of the falling leaves, and the clear blues skies with bright fresh days (when we get them). Here are some photos taken around college a few days […]

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An ice viewing!?

I watched (most of) the new episode of BBC’s Planet Earth this week. It was about life at the poles and was stunning. One of the overriding images from the programme was of a group of Emperor penguins huddled together in a blistering Antarctic storm, literally standing and waiting through the months of winter until […]

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Almost there …

Frustration seems to have been one of the themes of this week. I have a six month old daughter – she’ll probably come into this blog quite a bit. She’s just decided that sitting or standing in one place is no longer good enough. She wants to be on the move. But unfortunately the legs […]

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