A bit about Geraint

These pages are written by Geraint Lloyd – so maybe you’d like to know something about me. Here goes.

Occupation : I’ve recently changed jobs and now work as a software engineer at a small local company that makes smart hot water tanks! As it’s a small company my work is very varied which helps it stay really interesting. I worked in a variety of other software and IT roles for the 13 years before then. Prior to all this my wife and I spent two years studying at Redcliffe College, a Christian college in Gloucester UK. Some time in the distant past I also spent my daytime hours firing lasers into flames in an attempt to further cutting-edge Physics research!

Hobbies : Various

  • Sports – I run regularly in an effort to keep fit, and enjoy other sports when I have the time, in particular badminton, table tennis, tennis and football
  • Music – mostly playing but also listening
  • IT – well if I work in IT I might as well enjoy it!

What’s important to me : Family plays a major part in life – especially my wife and children (who try to occupy as much of my spare time as they can get away with!) My Christian faith is also a very important part of my life – that’s why I spent two years studying at Redcliffe college. I found that studying about God gave me even more questions than I had before I went there. I can’t even begin to claim that I have all the answers, however to me life would be largely meaningless, cold and stark if there was no God, and it’s amazing to me that God wants to know us. Though I don’t have all the answers, yet I know he’s there and that makes a huge difference.

Anything else : Why don’t you ask me some questions and I’ll answer them!

One thought on “A bit about Geraint

  1. hi lloyd! your blog is such that inspires me to do blogging too about my Christian walk. I recently bumped into yours in an attempt to motivate myself to share my everyday contemplations-which I’ve always wanted to- but frankly,I do have issues with privacy. haha..Well I just wanted to be that geeky, creepy incognito behind the screen doing online Journals.. lol, thinking about it, oddly enough, i do find it very juvenile considering that that was just prolly a year ago.

    Anyway, I just dropped by to say how much i find it really amazing to be reading anecdotes from (in your case) 6 years ago. I was just about 12 when you statrted blogging,(or prolly not, I saw an entry about the moving to wordpress thingy). Point is, I was far behind from where I am today and the mindset and experiences that Ive acquired through the years, I dont know.. maybe I was still playing Jack stone or something by the time. Yet in those fragile years, God had prepared the pathway for me to walk in, the people, the schooling, and what do you know, the reading materials.. To state it bluntly, your blog isnt much of a difference from the other blogs tht Ive encountered.. Some were more interesting,actually. But I dont know..there’s something about your blog, that convinces me It’s not by chance that I came across it. 🙂 God bless you :))

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