For whose glory?

Many of the great heroes of the Bible were humble people. They weren’t out to get fame for themselves, or the admiration of their peers. Think of Moses, who was reluctant to move away from his role as an obscure shepherd in the wilderness to confront Pharaoh as leader of Israel. He is described as: […]

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Love and kindness ?

Perhaps it’s time I look a bit at what I think about ‘Christian Unity’ when faced with those who would say they are Christians, but who probably think rather differently about their faith than me. I enjoy going for runs, and for the last few years I have used my jogging time to listen to […]

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This unity is all very well, but what about … While the principle of Christian unity is one that few will have objections to, how it works out in practice is another matter. For some, unity is fine as long as it means that ‘others’ change what they believe and how they live out their […]

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Together ?

Christians often talk about how God has spoken to them. I certainly believe that God speaks to us. Preeminently this is through the Bible, God’s written word, but he also speaks in other ways, through other people, circumstances, an inner voice, dreams, even on occasion literally through a voice speaking etc. But we have to […]

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My Mum – a Tribute

The day after I published my previous blog post I received an early morning phone call to tell me that my Mum had died that morning in her sleep. Although she had been getting more frail over the last few years, her death was still totally unexpected. In a Covid-19 dominated time, we were able […]

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Helmets and Statues

I went to visit my Mum (at a suitable social distance) a few days ago . It was my first trip of any distance for several months. Driving back I was struck by some things which I wouldn’t have noticed in the past when such trips were everyday occurrences. One thing that stood out was […]

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Strong, yet weak

A couple of months ago, I was planning to start a new series on this blog but since then life has become dominated by coronavirus. We have largely been confined to our house for most of this time. Other parts of life have also faced major disruption – for example our planned Easter holiday was […]

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A ‘failing’ country?

My country is in a mess. The people are pretty much divided down the middle (although most are getting increasingly fed up with the cause of the division and want it to just be sorted). The government is largely powerless, unable to enact much of what it wants to do, and the political opposition seem […]

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