Teddy art

My son has a reasonable sized collection of small teddies that generally live on the end of his bed. When making his bed in the morning we have got tired of just putting them in a line, and have started arranging them more interestingly – maybe playing a five a side football game, doing some […]

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Good news … (what is it?)

Most days, I get my main news update listening to radio 4’s PM in the car while traveling back from work. Much better, more varied and balanced than some of the other negative news coverage elsewhere that seems to be focused on bringing out disagreement – in my opinion. The main presenter has recently changed […]

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Woolly thinking …

One of the good things about where I work is that – although it is a large business and science park full of buildings – it only takes a few minutes walk before you are out in the countryside. I often go for lunchtime walks and over the last month or so some of the […]

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Truth, Lies and Brexit

The Brexit negotiations have been thrown into disarray following the rejection of the chequers plan by the EU leaders recently. In the interest of openness and honesty I should say that I voted to remain in the EU in the referendum and would still prefer not to leave it – although I do have misgivings […]

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Something to blog about

I see that it’s about 6 years since I last posted a blog article here. Looking at the site stats I also see that while I had a healthy (though far from earth shattering!) number of views of my blog articles for many years, it has dried to a tiny trickle of views over the […]

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Rainbow in the fountain

There’s a fountain near my work, and one day – a year or so ago – I saw this beautiful rainbow reflected in it as I walked past. I’ve never seen it since, but last week, as I was passing on a lovely sunny day, I decided to walk carefully around it and try my best […]

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 Many, if not most, people want their lives to count for something – they want to be significant. This can be in many spheres. At work we want responsibility, to have a higher profile role in whichever organisation we may work for. We want what we do in our work to last in some way […]

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Aeroplanes and beginnings

Richard Dawkins argues that while the existence of life is not really that improbable, God’s existence is. He calls this the ultimate Boeing 747 gambit. Dawkins fails, however, to really consider the issue of beginnings. Why does the universe bother to exist at all? And arguments of improbability are only applicable to things that have a beginning. God however is eternal.

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Mea Culpa

There’s a lot of blame around at the moment. At the UK Labour party conference yesterday, the shadow chancellor – while admitting that their party had made mistakes – insisted that Labour wasn’t to blame for the current financial challenges, saying that it wasn’t “public spending on public services here in Britain which caused the global […]

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Science and experience

In ‘The God Delusion’, Richard Dawkins dismisses some of the common arguments in favour of God’s existence. While many of his points are valid enough, he misunderstands what Christians mean when they argue from personal experience. This is not about one-off mystical experiences but an every day sense of God’s reality. This is a key element to a Christian’s faith, and ultimately everything we believe has its basis in our personal experiences.

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