Science and Christianity

I’ve been a Christian for much of my life. My faith is immensely important to me, and without it I would struggle to make sense of the world. I thank God for making me, and the world around us, and making it so beautiful and awe-inspiring. I’m also grateful for Jesus’ life and death, through which we can learn about God and come to have a relationship with him ourselves.

I’m also a scientist at heart. I studied Natural Sciences, focussing on Physics, at Cambridge University. I then undertook a DPhil (Oxford’s version of a PhD) in Atomic and Laser Physics at Oxford University. After that I worked for two more years in research in Oxford’s physics department. I love science, and would have stayed within scientific research but God led me to do some other things with my life, which have also been good and interesting. But I remain always interested in science, particularly Physics.

As a Christian, and a scientist, issues of science and faith are of great interest to me. I intend to expand this section with a series of subtopics. The ones currently being worked on are listed below. Please make comments, or raise other questions / issues to be included here. Hopefully this section of lloydaboutlife can be really interactive, as I’m not the only person with worthwhile things to say!

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