Aeroplanes and beginnings

Richard Dawkins argues that while the existence of life is not really that improbable, God’s existence is. He calls this the ultimate Boeing 747 gambit. Dawkins fails, however, to really consider the issue of beginnings. Why does the universe bother to exist at all? And arguments of improbability are only applicable to things that have a beginning. God however is eternal.

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Science and experience

In ‘The God Delusion’, Richard Dawkins dismisses some of the common arguments in favour of God’s existence. While many of his points are valid enough, he misunderstands what Christians mean when they argue from personal experience. This is not about one-off mystical experiences but an every day sense of God’s reality. This is a key element to a Christian’s faith, and ultimately everything we believe has its basis in our personal experiences.

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Richard Dawkins asserts that the existence of God is a scientific question which science can, in principle at least, answer. In particular, he objects to the principle of ‘non-overlapping magesteria’ which suggests that science and religion study different non-overlapping realms and so science cannot judge on religious matters. While he has some valid points he overstates his case – I give two particular facts that he ignores. I believe that ultimately science will only be able to say a very limited amount about God’s existence or non-existence – this is ultimately a matter of faith.

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For a couple of months in autumn, two spiders made our front window their home. It was obviously a good home as they looked well fed! I don’t particularly dislike spiders, but did think that they spoiled the view somewhat. One day, therefore, I chopped down their webs, but the next day they were back  just as intricate […]

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Dawkins and Delusion

I’ve recently got hold a copy of Richard Dawkin’s book, the God Delusion. I know that I am unlikely to agree with it!, but feel it is appropriate to read the arguments of someone who argues so passionately against something which is so important to me. I hope to give it a fair reading, although […]

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