Lloydaboutlife has moved!

Lloydaboutlife has now moved. I used to host the blog with the web host web-mania. These were quite cheap and worked well – the actual software I used to write and format the blog was wordpress. Wordpress actually provide the option of hosting your blog for free at wordpress.com – and they now have the option of […]

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Who’s to blame?

So much for thinking that I’d have another post up within a week. Fortunately, news stories of mislaid data from UK government departments arrive about every week, so this is still a topical issue… As I mentioned in the last post, the UK tax revenue department lost two CDs containing confidential information relating to about 25 million […]

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Not dead yet ….

I read that it’s generally agree that if a blog hasn’t had a new post within the last 3 months, then it’s probably dead. Oh dear, I think my last posting was back in September, but I don’t intend to leave this blog dead quite yet (nor indeed for a long while). Particularly as I’m […]

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Broken tooth

Last week when eating breakfast I felt a twinge of protest from a tooth as I crunched on a hard bit of cereal. Shortly afterwards I crunched on something even harder – it was about a quarter of one of my teeth which had broken off, leaving a rather exposed bit of ‘inner tooth’ (I […]

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