Lloydaboutlife has moved!

Lloydaboutlife has now moved. I used to host the blog with the web host web-mania. These were quite cheap and worked well – the actual software I used to write and format the blog was wordpress. Wordpress actually provide the option of hosting your blog for free at wordpress.com – and they now have the option of using your own domain name (ie lloydaboutlife.com) on that blog as well.

Given the limited amount of time I have to devote to the blog, I’ve decided to move the blog to this free hosted service, while keeping the same lloydaboutlife.com name. The new free service has two big advantages.

  • It’s much cheaper! I still have to pay for the domain registration and a small fee to use my own domain name at wordpress, but it’s still only about a third of what I paid before! 
  • The wordpress hosted blog will automatically be kept up to date with the latest version of the wordpress software, including security updates.

To be honest, the second of these is the key advantage. One of the reasons I have done so little on the blog in recent months is that I was aware that I was using a quite out of date version of wordpress, and felt that I really should update this. This would have taken quite a bit of time and effort however, so I never got round to it – and also never got round to writing new posts! On the new hosting service, a lot of the worries and hassles are taken care of for me so I should be able to do more on it.

The move does have some downsides – I can’t customise the blog quite as much as I could before, so for example I can’t put my old polls onto the blog (although they’ve just provided a new polling feature which I’ll have to look at soon!), but overall it should be a big plus. You shouldn’t notice much difference – just a few minor formatting differences, and a few things missing that were there before. Do let me know if anything doesn’t work however. And if you want to do your own blog, why don’t you sign up at wordpress.com too!

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