One very minor downside to moving my blog to be hosted at wordpress.com, is that I’m not free to add in whatever WordPress plugins I want to. One of the plugins I had installed on the old site was a polling plug in, which allowed me to conduct a few polls. This is not a major loss, but it’s a shame to lose the information and the comments on those polls – so here are the results (and comments) copied across below.

Poll: What would you like to receive from friends at Christmas?

  • Just a card (3 votes)
  • A personal letter (4 votes)
  • I like general letters (7 votes)
  • I don’t want anything (2 votes)
  • I don’t mind (4 votes)

Poll: How do you think science and Christianity relate

  • Science has disproved religion (2 votes)
  • Science has made religion irrelevant (0 votes)
  • Science and religion have no connections (0 votes)
  • Science and religion complement each other (6 votes)
  • Religion is superior to science (0 votes)
  • I don’t believe science anyway (1 vote)
  • Don’t know / other (0 votes)

If you’d still like to vote, then you can put it in a comment and I’ll add to the existing results!

3 thoughts on “Polls

  1. Having worked in retail for the past few years, I find it hard not becoming jaded toward the commercial, western Christmas. While it is true that committed Christians try to sanctify “the Holidays” as a celebration of Christ’s birth, His life means infinitely more than His birth, and mandatory gift exchanges alegedly symbolizing God’s Gift of salvation. Perhaps if Christians gave their Christmas gifts to those in need, and asked their friends and family to do the same, the world would get the message of Christ’s love more clearly.

    Now Thanksgiving–that’s a holiday with true Christian purpose. And it would be even more so if we fed the hungry, rather than our already over-fed faces.

  2. Hi LLoyd,i am just curious about the 80% figure above on the poll, are these mostly christians or is it a general reflection of internet browsers. I am a christian, a missionary in Spain, and I think it is great what you are doing.How many non christians read your blog? Craig.

  3. Hi Craig,
    I guess that there are too few responses to say too much about this poll figure at the moment. I think there are a mixture of non christians and christians reading the blog, but not many leave responses so it’s hard to say precisely. If you’re another reader please say if you think this poll figure is a fair reflection of what most people think. If you read Richard Dawkins you certainly wouldn’t think so, but maybe he doesn’t reflect popular opinion very well. Hopefully I’ll get more responses when I do more work on the blog, and get a better idea. Come back a bit later and see. Thanks for the question anyway,

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