Almost there …

Frustration seems to have been one of the themes of this week. I have a six month old daughter – she’ll probably come into this blog quite a bit. She’s just decided that sitting or standing in one place is no longer good enough. She wants to be on the move. But unfortunately the legs and arms aren’t quite moving in sync yet – so she turns round 720 degrees, flops onto the floor from exhaustion and cries. It’s quite heart breaking for a Dad and I’ve tried to give her some coaching lessons on crawling but she doesn’t seem to be getting it yet. Maybe my demonstration wasn’t that convincing. Anyway I’m sure she’ll get there one day.

But frustration isn’t limited to her alone. My current favourite sport is table tennis (ping pong). We played our weekly match in the local league a little while ago. We lost 10-0 – which is about our worst result as a team for quite a while. The thing is, I know I could win all the matches – if only my beautiful flowing attacking strokes went on the table all the time rather than the usual 50% which I manage to achieve. 50% isn’t much use because it gives the opponent as many points as I get myself. So frustrating. But then if I managed to win every match, I’d only play in a higher division until again I was frustrated by just not being quite good enough …

So why am I so often wanting to be able to do just that little bit extra, know that little bit more – or is it only me? Why is contentment so difficult to achieve? Any thoughts welcome …

One thought on “Almost there …

  1. Wow, reading this made me think of the Christian walk altogather. When we first get born again and are new in Christ we are babies and God needs to feed us carry us and do almost everything for us. Then as we grow He teaches us how to do things on our own. Also it made me think of the church, how we are one body and we are the arms and legs of christ and we are growing into Him and though right now we have not learned how to function all togather we are learning and will eventually be walking in unison as one body. The need to always do better is instilled within us by our Father so that we will continue to grow into Him. That’s my thoughts God bless and keep you love in Christ, Kathy

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