Autumn is my favourite season. There are a number of reasons for this, but a lot has to do with its beauty – I just love the colours of the falling leaves, and the clear blues skies with bright fresh days (when we get them). Here are some photos taken around college a few days ago, to illustrate just why I like it.

Horse Chestnut Tree

Our college has this beautiful big horse chestnut tree which looks magnificent any time of year – it’s even better in autumn as you can see

Fallen autumn leaves

One of my great childhood memories is of being asked to rake up the leaves that fell from our trees into the garden. I loved it then and still enjoy just walking through fallen leaves now.

Another childhood memory was of playing ‘conkers’ at school. I relived childhood last year and had several conker battles against fellow students. I’d forgotten how painful a game it can be! Is this a particularly British past-time? If you have experienced this game anywhere else then let me know. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then please say, and I can make it the subject of another blog. Some conker photos below …

Fallen Horse Chestnuts still in cases

Fallen conker on ground out of case

One thought on “Autumn

  1. We live in Bordeaux, and there are lots of huge productive conker trees everywhere – and when the conkers fall they just lie there till they rot or get squashed by cars and buses.

    Maybe we could start a good business exporting French conkers to Britain? A bit like a few years ago with apples?

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