Communication at Christmas

Communication is important. That’s not to say that I’m very good at it – but over the last few months, as we’ve desperately tried to get in touch with various people with limited success, it’s been brought home to me how frustrating it is when communication is one sided. When someone communicates you know that they’re interested in you, they’ve heard what you say, and your relationship with them can grow.

So what’s this to do with Christmas? Well, I’ve finally finished the last of my college work for term, so can start to think about that other major task for this time of year – Christmas cards! Yes, I know it’s probably too late already and so they won’t all arrive until after New Year’s day, but that’s quite normal for me… Actually, we probably won’t write many cards this year, but do intend to write a general letter with our family news, and Christmas greetings, and send that to friends that we haven’t seen much recently.

But I know that some people hate these general ‘Chrismas’ letters. It is nice to get a personal handwritten note, but if I had to write a personal letter to everyone I want to communicate with, they definitely wouldn’t get it until New Year. 2008. I actually like the general letters – we got two today, and I enjoyed reading them both. But is this just me? Well I thought it was time for a poll to find out. Would you rather receive just a Christmas card, only a personal letter, or do you like general letters too? Please vote in the poll in the sidebar, then I’ll find out – not that it will affect what we do this year at least …

2 thoughts on “Communication at Christmas

  1. I like receiving general letters so long as they give a balanced account of news. I don’t like letters which make out everything for that person has been a bed of roses and full of sucesses in the past year — they leave me feeling very inadequate! I also dislike letters full of gloomy news that — depressing me that conclude by saying ‘Happy Christmas’!

    My favourite type of Christmas letters are ones which include photos of the children with icecream over their faces or funny stories about the family dog pinching all the chocolates off the Christmas tree!

    General letters can still be made personal by handwriting a line at the bottom or getting small children/grandchildren/nephews/nieces to doodle on them… or even a paw print from the dog!

  2. I have a real problem with all the so called traditions of Christmas and card sending is something I don’t do because I can’t afford it, and the only one I think benefits really are the card companies, who have promoted this whole thing of cards for every occasion. I do send a basic Merry Christmas greeting via e-mail and phone the family but that is it.

    That makes me sound a bit like the grinch doesn’t it. I do get a bit grinch like around the end of November. I really don’t care for the promotion of this modern day Saturnalia. A quiet Christmas with few gifts and remembering why this day was picked and whom it was meant to honour is more to my taste. I have just done a complete summary on the book ‘The Case for Christmas’ on my site, if you are interested.

    I found your site on the same page as mine in ‘Internet Evangelism Day’ online magazine. May God bless you this Christmas and in the New Year.
    Your online grinch LOL

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