I´m currently ín Spain for a college placement. I don´t have much internet access which is why I´ve not written anything here for a while. Sorry about this, but there´ll be plenty to write about when I get back shortly!!

Anyway for now, I´d just like to talk about snow. My memories of my childhood are of heavy winters with foot deep snowfalls, making hundreds of snowmen, snowfights behind walls made of snow, sledging downhill, our cat sinking up to its neck in the snow etc. It may be just that my memories are exaggerating things, but at least since I´ve moved to live further South in England, these things have become something of the past. At most we get one or two snowfalls, with only 1 or 2 cm of snow at best, and it only lasts a few hours!

Spain isn´t the place I´d expect to come to be reminded about snow – being a LOT further South and hence you´d expect milder. And indeed where I am on the mediterranean coast snow falls about once every 10 years, and we enjoyed 24 degrees C in the daytime a week ago! However, most of the Spanish TV news has been about the heavy snowfalls in many of the other parts of Spain, with drifts over head height and several feet of thick snow not seeming that unusual.

I think the snow here is particularly heavy this year, and many have been suffering in the severe weather. But it´s just funny how your childhood memories can be revived in the unlikeliest of places.

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