Why is my life so boring?

Looking through the search strings which have brought people to this blog, I noticed one question – why is my life so boring? I don’t know why my blog got listed from this search – hopefully it’s not the search engine’s judgment on the content …

But actually quite often life does seem rather mundane. At the moment it’s largely comprised of a series of essays which always need some work, combined with rocking a baby to sleep, playing with baby, eating, sleeping, the occasional weekend away, shopping at Tescos, chatting to my wife. Nothing particularly earth shattering. Talking with other friends about how things are going, we all seemed to feel much the same at the moment – it’s just carrying on.

So what stops life from being ‘so boring’. What do you think?

I’m no expert on the ‘exciting life’ – but I might as well give some thoughts on the matter having raised it. I’ve certainly had plenty of interesting things happening from time to time – going to Spain for 6 weeks recently, the arrival of our baby last year, etc. And I enjoy our holidays when they come round. But I don’t think that an exciting life consists of having more and more of these ‘exciting’ and ‘fun’ activities. When I used to have long student holidays (those were the days!) I was pretty bored after a couple of weeks, and longing to do something else instead. I think variety can help, but still I don’t think that’s the whole secret of of an interesting life.

In most of what we do in life there are elements of interest, beauty and fun as well as elements that are boring and hard work. I may not enjoy writing essays, but I do enjoy the reading that leads up to them. Long car journeys are pretty boring, but you can see some beautiful scenery out of the window (usually). I think I need to learn ‘contentment’ more – to see what is interesting, fun and good in the everyday things of life, and enjoy them. We have to realise that God has given good things even in the mundane parts of life, and I think we will always be somewhat bored until we learn to open our eyes.

2 thoughts on “Why is my life so boring?

  1. Thanks Geriant for your helpful thoughts, it is true, when life seems really boring it is often because I do not have my eyes and ears open enough.

    However even at the most exciting times of my life, the ones where I see, hear and feel all the good. I still can feel I’m not there yet, my life never reaches its true potential. I can relate to C.S.Lewis who wrote…

    “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

    –Mere Christianity

    I think within us all there is a longing for heaven which will never be boring!

  2. Thanks for your comment Ceri. This is very true. I don’t think God made this world a boring place, and our lives shouldn’t be ‘mundane’.

    But no we will never be truly satisfied until we see the one who made us ‘face-to-face’ in heaven, for amongst the many interesting things God made us for, most important of these was to have a relationship with Him. Nothing else will quite satisfy.


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