Variety and change?!

Oh dear. I haven’t posted to this blog for ages. This isn’t because I’ve lost interest, merely that I’ve had a crazy last couple of months. In this time I’ve finished my course at Redcliffe and started a new job two days later, then worked away from home for two weeks, moved house, been away at a conference for two weeks etc. Now I’m beginning to settle into normal routine again, and every night this week I’ve thought I should write something on my blog – only when I’ve finished the urgent tasks for the evening, I’ve looked at my watch and it’s either been tomorrow or close to it, so I’ve thought maybe not tonight…

So now a short post, although I may write more again on this soon – especially if you have anything to comment on it yourself. In short the last couple of months have been full of change, and to be honest I don’t much like change. This may sound strange as only recently (ish) I was writing about variety and how much I like it. And surely change is quite similar to variety, only on a larger scale. This may be true, but there is a difference. Perhaps variety turns into change when it becomes overly stressful and makes life far too busy. What do you think?

All the same, although I don’t like change so much, I do suspect that it can be good for us. Particularly with an interesting, varied – and comfortable – life we can get too settled, and stop growing and learning. Change helps to unsettle us and I think sometimes that God brings change about in our lives to help us to learn and grow. And for me he always demonstrates that I can trust him to help me through the change. So change is perhaps so not enjoyable but good for us all the same.

As long as there’s not too much of it at one time.

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