Nothing to say…

One of the points of a blog is to provide a chance to say whatever’s on your mind, regardless of whether or not anyone’s listening. You hope that someone will read it, and indeed my experience seems to be that plenty of people at the very least quickly scan through something I’ve written before moving on. However, being realistic you can’t expect that most blogs get a wide readership – as a blogger I can’t say that I have that much time free for reading other blogs.

However since returning to work from study, I haven’t written much. Is this because I no longer have much to say. Perhaps it is! – at least in one sense. I’m now quite tired when I get back from work. After reading 20 books to my daughter, helping eat the family evening meal, washing up and all the other househould responsibilities, I find that time’s getting on and I don’t feel like thinking and reflecting on the lessons for life from today’s experiences. Rather I’m full of the outstanding tasks from work – How on earth does Microsoft licensing work? Will the air conditioning in the server room survive the weekend? Indeed I’d never realised before that there was so much scope for dreaming about software licensing issues in your sleep!

At college, one of the privileges was that we had to think about life, about what we were reading, about what was going on around us. Although work was still busy, thinking was a part of that work. Outside of my IT tasks however it’s hard to have such time to think, reflect and learn. This is a shame, as life is poorer without it. So perhaps we all need a blog to get us to stop and think – and an avid readership hanging no our next perceptive insight! What do you think?

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